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Internet Channel (INCH) is dedicated to being the best Internet service provider in the New York City area. We have designed and built a network that allows us to offer state-of-the-art connectivity and responsive customer service. Established in 1994, we have maintained an outstanding reputation as the one small company that can offer big business services.


Commercial Services

Internet Channel has been in the forefront of providing internet services to the New York City area business community since its inception in 1994. We’re flexible, innovative and highly customer service driven. We look forward to developing solutions for your business.

E-mail to inquire about any services not mentioned here: Commercial Services

Online Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Technical issues
We try to keep this updated with common problems we hear about. If you are having a problem doing something, try here first.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Billing
Questions related to interacting with the Internet Channel Billing department.
Technical Support
At the Internet Channel we pride ourselves on quality Customer Service and Technical Support. We want to be here for you if you need to reach us. Our Customer Service and Technical Support hours are Monday-Friday 8am-8pm. Phone: 212-243-5200 Fax: 212-243-8465 or Email: If your message will contain sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers, please use our secure feedback form.
Quick Reference Guide
Just need the dial up numbers or mail servers? This page has the basics in an easy to parse format.
System Bulletins
Our goal is to keep you up to date on our system and services. Check here for the latest scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. We usually give 24-48 hours notice on any maintenance here so check this regularly.
Webmail is the new and improved roaming E-mail service. For our shell users, webmail interacts directly with your existing pine folders. Webmail also supports the ability to set your own vacation reply message when you are away from your E-mail.