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Dedicated Service

Internet Channel provides T1 dedicated connectivity services with reliable customer-service.


If you need a server built to certain specifications or if you need a place to park an already built server, Internet Channel can help. Your servers will benefit from our network's premium-grade bandwidth, and you'll enjoy our ten years of experience in providing customized server solutions.

Web Services

Internet Channel provides the same premium hosting services and customer attention to companies whose sites handle tens of thousands of visits every day as we do for businesses who are just getting started on the web.

Smart Building

Chances are, your tenants are ready for the Internet. So, is your building Internet-Ready? As competition in the commercial leasing market grows tighter, prospective tenants-as well as tenants up for renewal-will look for Internet-Ready Smartbuildings when making their leasing decisions. The Internet is increasingly becoming a standard in the modern commerce. Most businesses conduct research, share data between geographically separated offices and more-all through the Internet.


Domain Service is for the customer who wants to register a domain name and have email addresses at that domain, but not a website. If the customer registered, email addresses would all end in (e.g.,, The account includes a domain catch-all ( and one mailbox. Forwarding with unlimited aliases and/or additional mailboxes can be purchased.


Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), is the combination of service from your local phone company combined with the service of your Internet Provider. An ISDN line is digital telephone service that allows for a combination voice and data connections over either a single or double line high speed connection. Whether it be high speed LAN on demand service or professional web hosting, Internet Channel will be able to help you put together a package specific to your corporate needs.