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What do I need to get ISDN Service with Internet Channel?

In order to get ISDN service, you will need to call your local telephone company to request ISDN line installation and service for calls over that line. You should inquire about that company's pricing for that service.

You will also need to purchase specific hardware to connect through your ISDN line to Internet Channel. Normal analog modems will not work with ISDN service. Specific ISDN modems produced by brand name manufacturers such as Motorola, 3COM, or Netopia, can be found in most computer stores as well as mail order outlets.

Finally, you will need to open an account and set up ISDN service with Internet Channel by calling 212.243.5200.

I am unable to browse the web or reach anything on the Internet. What do I do?

Turn off software compression. In Windows 95, uncheck the "Enable software compression" box in the "Server Types" tab of your Dial-Up connection properties.

I have an Ascend Pipeline. Why can't I reach the Internet?

The Ascend Pipeline Requires a default gateway. Set this to