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What is ISDN?

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), is the combination of service from your local phone company combined with the service of your Internet Provider. An ISDN line is digital telephone service that allows for a combination voice and data connections over either a single or double line high speed connection. The sound quality your hear from a cassette tape versus a Compact Disc is a good analogy to the comparison of the transmission qualities achieved from an all-digital ISDN line as opposed to a standard phone line.

What is the difference between two channel and single channel ISDN Service?

The choice between these services will depend upon your required connection speeds, and the price you are willing to pay for your connection. With Internet Channel, you are billed according to the number of channels you are using, rather than the number of channels that you have available.

You will be charged by your local telephone company for each connection or call you have made with your ISDN line. The pricing will vary depending on how you have your line configured to connect*.

There are two different connections you can establish with an ISDN line, Voice over Data, and Data over Data. With Voice over Data you may use your ISDN line to make voice calls while still connected to the Internet. Also, when connected via Voice over Data your connection charges can decrease according to the pricing plan you have with your telephone company*. Speeds achieved from Voice over Data connections can be up to 56 kilobits/sec per channel, and with a combination of two channels, you can reach speeds of up to 112kilobits/sec.

With Data over Data connections, you can also place normal voice calls through your ISDN line while connected to the Internet. Your connection speed, however, will decrease until you finish your voice call at which time the line will begin to send and receive data again. You will also be billed per minute as well as initial connection charges*. However, the benefit of using data over data connections is an increase in bandwidth. Data over Data can carry up to 64 kilobits/sec per channel. With a connection of two channels, you can achieve speeds of up to 128kilobits/sec.

* Note: Pricing varies from telephone company to telephone company, different pricing plans as well as unlimited rates may be available. Please contact your local telco for more information regarding their pricing.

Who is ISDN most suited for?

ISDN service is generally suited for corporate users who are looking for LAN on demand service, yet are not ready to purchase a dedicated service connection. ISDN service can also be an added benefit for clients looking to have a backup connection for their dedicated service. Should your dedicated line ever experience an outage, you can have your network configured to reroute traffic over ISDN until the dedicated line is back in service.

How do I get ISDN Service with Internet Channel?

To request ISDN Service with Internet Channel, please contact us with your request by phone at 212.243.5200 or by emailing with your specific needs. Whether it be high speed LAN on demand service or professional web hosting, Internet Channel will be able to help you put together a package specific to your corporate needs.