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What do I need to get SmartBuilding Service with Internet Channel?

In order to get SmartBuilding service, you will need to contact Internet Channel to perform a pre-survey of the requested place of installation. After this is completed Internet Channel will be able to put together an installation and service package specific to your needs. Any additional provisions that may be needed by the company can be addressed at this time to quickly perform the smartbuilding installation. More information is available by contacting our corporate sales office at 212.243.5200.

There is no link light from the Internet Channel connection to my hub, what should I check?

Be sure to make sure that your hub is completely functional and powered on. Be sure to check that the proper cable has been installed between the Internet Channel "SmartJack" and the port on your hub. If you are running a direct connection into your hub you should be using a cross-over cable. If your hub possesses a uplink port you should be using a straight-through cable.

Internet Channel web sites appear, however all other web sites do not appear on my computer. What should I do?

The web browser on your machine stores cached information about web sites you have visited. If you were running a dialup connection in the past, this information may need to be removed in order for the connection to run most efficiently. Under the preferences of your particular web browser, click on "clear disk and memory cache" and then exit your web browser and restart your computer. This will allow you to view other web sites providing they have not been filtered by your network administrator.

We are running a 100 base T Lan in our company and are unable to make a connection to Internet Channel; What's wrong?

In order to connect to Internet Channel's Smartbuilding network, it is necessary to make a connection to a 10 base T network. If you are utilizing a 100 base T LAN in your company you will need to install a switch in order to cross the connection into the 10 base T connection.