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+ Document Structures



     <title>, <base>, <link>, <isindex>, <meta>
     Body of the document


+ Language Charset Information

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=#">
us-ascii, iso-8859-1, x-mac-roman, iso-8859-2, x-mac-ce,
iso-2022-jp, x-sjis, x-euc-jp,
euc-kr, iso-2022-kr,
gb2312, gb_2312-80,
x-euc-tw, x-cns11643-1, x-cns11643-2, big5

You can specify MIME charset information of your html source.
It's good for people who swich some language encodings at option menu. If encoding is presented in html source, browser can swich them automaticaly. Especialy in the case you use some entities, it's better to specify your encoding (maybe iso-8859-1). Entities appearance will be changed in other encodings on someone's browser.

+ Background and Text Color

<body bgcolor=# text=# link=# alink=# vlink=#>

bgcolor --- background color
text --- text color
link --- link color
alink --- active link color
vlink --- visited link color


Color is specified with a hexadecimal red-green-blue.
Each one can have 16 number: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f.

Background Image <body background="image-URL">
Non Scrolling Background <body bgproperties=FIXED>

+ Page Margin

Left Margin <body leftmargin=#>
Top Margin <body topmargin=#> #=margin amount

+ Link

Link Basic <a href="URL"> ... </a>

This is a
<a href="sample.html">Link Test</a>.
Try to push!
This is a Link Test. Try to push!

Jump to part of a page
<a href="#name"> ... </a>
<a name="name"> ... </a>

<a href="#jump-test">Jump to next "Link Target"</a><P>
<a name="jump-test">Link Target</a>
Jump to next "Link Target"

Link Target

Jump to part of an other page
<a href="URL#name"> ... </a>
<a name="name"> ... </a>

Jump to
<a href="sample.html#jump-test">Jump to next "Link Target"</a>
in a Link Test document.
Jump to "Link Target" in a Link Test document.

+ Target Windows

<a href="URL" target="Window_Name"> ... </a>

<a href="sample.html" target="window_name">
Open A Window!
Open A Window!

+ Horizontal Rules



<hr size=#>

<hr size=10>

<hr width=#>

<hr width=50>
<hr width=50%>

<hr align=#> #=left, right

<hr width=50% align=left>
<hr width=50% align=right>

<hr noshade>

<hr noshade>

<hr color=#>

#=rrggbb Hex Number, or Name:
Black, Olive, Teal, Red, Blue, Maroon, Navy, Gray, Lime,
Fuchsia, White, Green, Purple, Silver, Yellow, Aqua
<hr color="navy">