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Internet Channel Web Hosting Features:

What you get with an Internet Channel Websever: Our custom built machines monitor and run system checks three times an hour to ensure proper functioning and high-quality service for your website. FTP-only accounts assure you that the your web server will be secure and dedicated to serving your website. Premium bandwidth up to 100 mbps guarantees high-speed access to your site, no more waiting while those pages download!

You also get:

Inch's Default CGI's.-- Seven pre-compiled and pre-debugged "no-hassle" scripts ready for you to use.

Custom cgi-bin (Custome Web Server only) - Upon request, we will set up your own cgi-bin directory which you can use to modify our default scripts, or write your own scripts, both perl4 and perl5 are available as well. (Please Note: Internet Channel reserves the right to disable any script it deems a security risk or an overuse of system resources.)

Customizeable APACHE Webserver software.-- Upon request Inch will load and compile most Apache modules for custom use. For more information about Apache and its available modules, see Apache's Website

Website Traffic Analysis.-- Analog Software logs and analyzes your website's week to week traffic and displays it for you in a convenient graphical format. Click here for an example of what the analysis looks like. Inch's analysis service can also be used to check things like page errors, a useful tool for troubleshooting and debugging your web pages. Your website's logs are also available in raw, unanalyzed form in compressed format for you to download if you prefer.

MySQL Database Service--Use SQL to keep track of the data on your website and use it to interface your database with your website. Go to MySQL's website for more information on SQL database serving.

Internet Channel's Webservers support most available mime types. Click HERE for a list of supported mime types. (Currently Inch does not support Microsoft's FrontPage mime types due to security concerns.)

RealAudio Serving-- Service of RealMedia formats is available.