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What we have included in the INCH software package is just a sampling of what is currently available on the Internet. Check out these sites for an even more varied collection of software.

For PC / Windows Computers

* Galt Shareware Zone

* Microsoft

* Netscape Windows Helper Applications Page

* OAK Software Repository

* Stroud's Consumate Winsock Apps List

* Tucows - The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software

* - The Internet's Premiere Windows 95 Web Site

For Macintosh Computers

* Apple Computer's Home Page

* Jumbo

* MAC Connection Guide - MacOS Internet Connection Guide for Open Transport, MacTCP & PPP

* Netscape's Macintosh Helper Applications Page

* Nextor - The Mac Software Catalog

* University of Texas' Mac Archive

If you need more help then this page can provide, please feel free to email us at or phone us at 212-243-5200.