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What is FTP?

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows a person to transfer files between two computers, generally connected via the Internet. If your system has FTP and is connected to the Internet, you can access very large amounts of files available on a great number of computer systems. When using FTP, you use a program, called a 'client' to connect to a machine that holds the files, a 'server'.


What is Internet Channel Anonymous FTP?

    Many computer systems throughout the Internet offer files through anonymous FTP. This means that you can access a machine without having to have an account on that machine (i.e. you don't have to be an official user of the system). These anonymous FTP servers contain software, documents of various sorts, files for configuring networks, graphic images, song lyrics and all sorts of other information. An enormous amount of information is stored on these machines and is ready for anyone who's seeking it. 

    Anonymous FTP is a facility offered by many machines on the Internet. This permits you to log in with the user name 'anonymous'. When prompted for a password, type your e-mail address. You can then look around, put files but can not retrieve any file. (Most anonymous ftp sites do not permit people to store files). Only administrator who have a password can manage any thing in this anonymous space.  This may sound silly, but sometimes people don't know where their files are stored or a system administrator decides to give ftp access to only a few systems. Typically, a directory called 'incoming' or 'pub' is where the interesting things are stored.

How do I use it?

For Anonymous user :

    Using ftp program

    Using browser

You can not download when you log in as anonymous user and will not see anything else other than your upload file(s).


For ftp site administrator :

Remember : you need a right username and password to get a administrator permission on your ftp server.