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I'm having trouble getting my domain name modified. What do I do?

In modifying or transferring a domain, customers are often faced with great difficulty which can be attributed to several factors: (1) The Administrative or Technical Contacts of the domain are reluctant to acknowledge the request (2) The email accounts belonging to those contacts no longer exist or belong to a different party that is ambivalent about responding. (3) The registrant information is being changed. This requires a completely different (and more involved) process. For further details about changing registrant information, click here. (4) The domain is already registered (5) Information on the transfer request is incomplete or inaccurate.

In order for any domain record to be modified, a modification request must be submitted to the registration body. In most cases, this will be Network Solutions, who used to be known as Internic. If the submission has been made, and the modification/transfer seems to be going nowhere, the best resolution, is to contact the registrant directly.

Network Solutions

The first step in side-stepping the normal modification process is to confirm your current tracking number. If you don't know it, please contact The Internet Channel Hostmaster at or call (212) 243-5200. With current tracking number in hand, write a letter detailing the problem. It must follow the following guidelines:

- The letter must be printed on the current registrant's company letterhead
- It must include the current tracking number
- The registrant must authorize the modification as it refers to the tracking number
- The letter must be signed by an officer of the company.

Fax this letter to the following Network Solutions Fax number: (703) 742-9552 or (703) 464-0796. If your information thorough, your request should be processed 2 to 3 days after the fax is received. You may want to follow up with a phone call, as Network Solutions, unfortunately, is sometimes slow to action. The number to call is: (703) 925-6997

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