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Disclaimer: The following information has been provided for public use by an Internet Channel Customer. This information herein supplied is not supported by Internet Channel Support. This script has only been provided to assist fellow users of Linux and therefore any commentary or questions should thus be directed to other fellow Linux users.

The following (modified) scripts have been used successfully for dialup to InCh with the Linux OS (kernel 2.0.35) using the Slackware distribution 3.5.
They are for PAP (Password Authentication Protocol) for a PPP session.
There is no echo to the screen, but if you are not disconnected after 30 seconds - you know you're in (try "telnet" [in a new terminal window] to verify).
Don't forget to edit in your username, password, InCh phone number where needed.
Set the two executable scripts chmod 755.
Set the rest to chmod 600.

/usr/sbin/ppp-on - (executable script)

/etc/ppp/ppp-on-dialer - (executable script)



After a successful login, your /var/adm/messages logfile should read similar to this: messages