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Why does my modem frequently get disconnected from Inch?
Some modems require a special initialization string (a sequence of characters specifically suited to the modem) so it will be better able to handle the transfer of information. To obtain the initialization string for your modem, you should look in your modem documentation, or contact the manufacturer.

  • If there is already an init string entered, be sure to write it down! In case the changes you make don't work, you'll want to be able to reset it.
  • The generic initialization strings are AT&F1 or AT&F These work with most modems, so try using them first, if you still encounter problems then try to find your modem-specific initializtion string.
How can I find out the init string specific to my modem?
There are a lot of modem brands and models out there, and keeping up with init strings for all of them is fairly impossible. We can supply you with the ones we know about. Keep in mind, however, that finding the right init string is a process of trial and error, and these are merely suggestions. If you can't find one that works among these, call your modem's manufacturer.
How do I enter an init string?
In the "ConfigPPP" control panel, click "config" and enter the string of characters on "modem init" line.

In "FreePPP", the process differs depending on the version. In the FreePPP control panel, click "modems" or "accounts" then click "edit", and "Connection". Note: OT/PPP does not have a special initialization feature.

In the "modems" control panel, select your modem and click "properties". Click the "connection" tab, and click the button marked "Advanced...". Enter the initialization string on "Extra Settings" line.

Why does my connection drop after being online for over 2-5 hours?
If you are dialing into our 201, 516 or 914 dial up numbers and are experiencing disconnects after 2-5 hours of being online, please be aware that this is a provision of our telephone company to prevent calls from remaining online for an over extended amount of time. This disconnect time has now been increased from 2 hours to 5 hours. After 5 hours a drop in the connection will occur and require your computer to redial back in again. Again, this is for customers dialing into our F/X lines (201, 516 and 914). This does not affect customers in our 212 and 718 dial up numbers.
How do I turn off v.90 and go back to X2?
You can change the initialization string to that it no longer attempts to initialize v.90. Different modems require different initialization strings to accomplish this. If an initialization string listed here does not work, please contact your modem manufacturer for one or more init strings specific to your modem.
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