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I keep downloading old mail from the server, how do I delete my pop mail from the server?

Whenever you retreive your email, you may either leave a copy of the mail on our servers, or remove it completely and have a copy of it saved locally on your computer. Sometimes when mail is left on the server, and you check mail, old mail is automatically downloaded because it is still on the server and you have not removed it. In order to prevent this, you want to make sure you have "remove mail from server after checking mail" set in your email program.

To set this in Eudora light, go into the options (settings) and click on "checking mail", make sure there is NOT a check in "Leave mail on server".

In Netscape Mail 4.0x select "edit" and then select "preferences". Select "Mail and groups" then select "Mail server". Make sure "Leave messages on server after retrieval" is NOT checked under Mail server type.

In Internet Mail 3.0x select "Mail" and then select "options". Select "Server" from the tab on top and make sure "Leave a copy of Message on Server" is NOT checked.

I get the message "Inch does not relay for non-customers" and I can't send any email. What's happening?

[ New update on this question: Please use your account's username and password for the outgoing mailserver. Contact support for futher info. Jan 2002]

You were trying to use Internet Channel's mail machine to send mail from a non-Inch connection. As part of Internet Channel's anti-spam measures, users who are not dialed in and connected through our network are unable to access our SMTP (sending) server. Therefore non-Internet Channel customers are unable to use our network and possibly send spam mail to other customers. In order to send mail when connected on another network, you will need to use the SMTP server of the network you are connected on.

You are, however, able to access your email from an outside network or LAN. Simply put in our pop server (, your username and password and you will be granted access to the POP server to retrieve your email.

I sent my email hours ago, and it still hasn't reached its destination! What's going on?

If there's a transient problem with the remote system, then the mail should go to the remote system's backup mail machine and sit there until the destination machine comes back up. The remote backup machine should send a message if there's a problem. If there's no backup machine, then we'll spool the mail on our system and attempt delivery every 30 minutes. If there continues to be a delay after 4 hours, you will receive an automated message. After 5 days, if the delivery is unsuccessful, you will receive another automated message.

If there is a fatal error, the mail will be rejected immediately and you will receive notification.