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Macintosh ConfigPPP Setup

Click Here if you are dialing from the 914, 201, or 516 area codes.

1) Go to the Apple menu and select Control Panels. From the Control Panels, choose ConfigPPP. The following window will appear. Click on the Config button on the lower left of this window. 


2) From the Config window, set the phone number to 796-4624 if you are dialing from the 212 area code, or 807-4624 if you are dialing from the 718 area code. Set the port speed to 57600. Set the flow control to CTS & RTS(DTR). NOTE: If you have a Global Village modem this should be CTS Only. Modem init should be AT&F1 for most modems, if your modem requires a special initialization string, enter it here.
Next click on the Authentication button. 

3) In the authentication window enter your username and password. Entering your username and password in this window will activate "PAP", the authentication protocol we are using.

Once all of these changes have been made, simply click OK on the above window, Done on the previous window, returning you to the ConfigPPP window. From there, click on Open to start the connection. 

If you have any problems, you can either send mail to, use the online feedback form, or call us at 212-243-5200.