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Macintosh FreePPP Setup

1) Open the FreePPP Setup window, and select the Accounts tab. . 


2) From the Accounts tab select the Internet Channel option and click on the Edit button to the right, launching the window below.  NOTE: If there is no Internet Channel choice, click new and enter the following information as you are prompted for it.

FreePPP Edit
3) In this Edit window, the phone number should be 796-4624, if calling from the 212 area code, and 807-4624, if calling from the 718 area code. Make sure the Connect option is set to Directly. Finally, enter your Username and Password. Click the OK, returning you to the first window. Click on the Connect button to dial to begin the dial in process.

If you have any problems, you can either send mail to, use the online feedback form, or call us at 212-243-5200.