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Macintosh Open Transport PPP Setup
1) Go to the Apple menu and select Control Panels. From the Control Panels, choose PPP. The following window will appear. Enter your username and password, then set the new phone number, 796-4624 if dialing from 212, or 807-4624 if dialing from 718. Next click the Options button. 

2) From the Options window (below), select the Protocol tab. Uncheck the box next to Connect to a command line host if it is selected. Click the OK button to return to the PPP Control Panel.
Once all of the changes are made and you have returned to the PPP window, simply click on the Connect button to begin the dial-in procedure.  

TECH TIP: If you have installed MacOS 8 on over a pre-existing version of a MacOS, you may experience a conflict between a previous version of MacTCP and the present version of TCP/IP that is installed with OS 8. Try all of the above changes. If you experience messages saying that there is no DNS for the site you are going to, then the MacTCP files will need to be removed. To do so, go to the File menu and select Find. Search for MacTCP, and trash any items that appear. Restart your computer, and login again.