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Macintosh Remote Access Setup
1) Go to the Apple menu and select Control Panels. From the Control Panels, choose Remote Access. The following window will appear. Enter your username and password, then enter in the phone number. Next click the Options button. 

Remote Access
2) From the Options window (below), select the Protocol tab, then do the following:
a) Use protocol should be set to PPP.
b) Uncheck the box next to Connect to a command-line host if it is selected.
c) Make sure that Allow error correction and compression in modem and Use TCP header compression are also Unchecked.
d) Click the OK button to return to the Remote Access window.
Once all of the changes are made and you have returned to the Remote Access window, simply click on the Connect button to begin the dial-in procedure.
*(But before you do that, make sure that you have set up TCP/IP. Click Back on your browser, and go to the TCP/IP Setup Info page for instructions.) 

If you have any problems, you can either send mail to, or call us at 212-243-5200.