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Internet Channel receives mail for you and stores it on our server. If you use a pop mail program like Netscape Messenger, Eudora, or Outlook, you may not realize that the messages remain stored on our server. This is because the mail programs typically show you only new messages.

Without the proper setting, your mail file can grow to unmanageable sizes, making your mail activities seem slow, and taking up space on the server unnecessarily.

To prevent your mail spool from getting too large, you should download mail to your computer and delete it from the server. This document shows you how to configure several of the popular mail programs to prevent your mail file from getting too large.

Note: There may be times when you want to "leave mail on server" (e.g., if you want to download the mail from 2 different computers), or if you keep a close watch on the amount of mail you have and use the "delete from server when deleted from trash" configuration.

Quick Links

Eudora Configuration
Netscape Messenger Configuration
Outlook 2000 or Outlook Express Configuration
Additional mail configuration help

Eudora Configuration


  • Click on "Tools" and "Option"


  • At category, click on "Incoming Mail"
  • Uncheck on "Leave mail on server"
  • Click "OK" 
  • Done!




Netscape Messenger Configuration


  • Open Netscape Communications by clicking on the second icon on lower right.


  • Click on "Edit" and "Preference".


  • Go to "Mail & Newsgroups"
  • Click on "Mail Servers"
  • Locate "Incoming Mail Servers"
  • Highlight on "" and click on "Edit"



  • Click on "POP" tab.


  • Uncheck on "Leave messages on server."




Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express Configuration


  • Open Outlook 2000 or Outlook Express
  • Click on "Tools" and "Accounts"


  • Click on "Mail" tab
  • Locate account that is associated with Internet Channel
  • Highlight it and click on "Properties"

  • Click on "Advanced" tab.

  • Locate "Delivery Section" and uncheck " Leave a copy of messages on server."
  • Done !