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Internet Channel fights on your behalf to stop spammers from making E-mail useless. See our SpamAssassin information page for ways to avoid seeing all that nasty spam. We also offer SpamAssassin relay services to tag your E-mail and hand it off to another mail server which you control. This service is very popular with Microsoft Exchange administrators battling spam. E-mail for pricing on this service.


Call us at 212-243-5200, or email: For issues involving sensitive information like credit card numbers or passwords, please use our secure feedback form.


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1)On the Tools menu, click Accounts.

2)In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click the Add button.

3) Follow the wizard.  

4) Put in the name you want to appear in your email messages. 

5) Put in your Inch email address ""

6) Put in the servers you see listed on the right.

6) Put in your username only. Do not put the here.

7) Done! Click finish.

8) Click on  send / receive at the main screen.

* you must be connected to hit send / receive*