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Here's a clickable imagemap... try clicking on it...

***'ll need graphics to try this.***

and this is what the mapfile looks like.

VIEW SOURCE on this page to see the magic lines of html you should use.
note that the mapfile MUST end with the extension ".map" !!

the mapfile is located in the same directory as the gif file, and is created with a program like webmap... find your own.

your html should look like this:

<a href="" >
<img src="yourimage.gif" ISMAP >


where yourname is your inch username, is your ascii text map file, with the ".map" extension, and yourimage.gif is your picture. This example assumes your stuff is in the top of your personal directory space... if it's not, you'll need to do things like "". but you knew that.

You should save your maps in NCSA format.

Oh... and mac users, you'll save yourself a lot of problems if you upload things like this:
pictures: (GIF's or JPG's) ---> raw data mode
html files: -------> text mode
map files: --------> text mode

In a geekily interesting aside, this is a recent change. Some of you old- timers may remember how you used to have to do stuff like:

<a href="">
The new "Apache" web server rolls imagemapping into the server, and it's set up to recognize ".map" as a server-handled mime type for imagemaps.