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At the Internet Channel, we provide you with FREE software to help get you connected to the Internet. Our software packages include:

From here you can download our software for Windows 3.x or Macintosh only. If you have Windows95 and a web browser like Netscape or Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you can just follow our instructions for configuring Windows95's Dialup Networking, and use Netscape or MSIE. If you don't have a browser, or would just like to have our Windows95 setup disks, give us a call at 212-243-5200.

Operation System:
Windows || Macintosh

Configuration Information

Here is some information that you might need to help you configure additional Internet software.

Our dialup numbers:

REMEMBER! Check with the operator to verify that the number you
choose is a local call. INCH will not be held responsible for any long
distance charges you may incur.

X2 and v.90 Modems Supported on All Dial Up Numbers!

Your Internet Email address is:

Telnet to:

Mail programs send outbound mail to (SMTP server):

Mail readers (POP account):
(POP3 server):

Anonymous FTP goes to:

Web browsers (Netscape,Mosaic,etc.) go to:

News readers post and read news from:

Domain Name Server (#1):

Domain Name Server (#2):

Net Mask:

We have also compiled a list of additional software links full of additional web related software utilities.

If you need more help than this page can provide, please feel free to email us at or phone us at 212-243-5200.