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	We are replacing the faulty email server now. IMAP / SMTP / Webmail is down
	while we work on swapping out the systems.

	UPDATE: The faulty system has been replaced. Please contact us if
        you have any issues.

06/14/2015 180 Varick Street service outage

	We are having connectivity issues into the building. We are working
	with the carrier for a resolution.

	UPDATE: Service has been restored @ 10:15pm

11/01/2012 service outage

	Utility power has been restored, and services are back to normal.

	Some leased line and metro ethernet customers may still be without
	service due to local power or telco issues.

10/30/2012 service outage

	Due to Hurricane Sandy, the local power authority, ConEdison, has cut power to much 
	of New York City. We have regained power to critical infrastructure, but some parts
	of our system will be down until we can get utility power back.

11/11/2011 service outage

	One of our upstream providers is having circuit issues, so there may be intermittent
	connectivity trouble for some customers ( email / web / shell )

09/13/2011 service outage

	Due to an operating system issue, we were forced to reload the shell and smtp
	servers at aproximately 1pm EST.

06/05/2011 service outage

	Due to hardware failure, we were forced to replace the shell server. All home
	directories and email were recovered, but some commandline applications may
	not work as expected. If you have any issues, contact us at
	and we will work to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

02/09/2009 Discontinuation of telnet support.
         We no longer support telnet on the INCH shell server (
	 To access your shell account, please use SSH instead.

	 For Windows users, we recommend PuTTY:

	 For Mac OS 9 users , we recommend NiftyTelnet SSH:

	 For Mac OS X users, an ssh client is included in the OS.
	 From Terminal, you would run the following:

02/06/2007 Dialup outage.
One of our dialup PRIs are down at the moment, so we have reduced capacity on the modem pool. A Verizon trouble ticket has been opened. Please continue to try to connect, as you will eventually roll over to a working port.

06/27/05 E-mail services on
18:05 We made a small update to the mail server around 6PM today. The mail services were offline for about 10 minutes during this update. Please let us know if you have any trouble connecting to your E-mail now.

06/15/05 Upstream transfer issues.
14:16 One of our upstream providers appears to be under a Denial of Service attack. They have been attacked twice within the last 7 days. We have disabled that upstream temporarily in order to restore services and we are in discussions with them about options to prevent this from happening. Since their connection to us didn't actually go down, we were still trying to send packets to them that were not making it out to the Internet. Internet services should be operating normally now. Please call or E-mail our support department if you have any questions related to this disruption.

Internet Channel Support

06/07/05 180 Varick St Power outage
19:56 Internet Channel experienced a power outage at our 180 Varick St. office. Only our customers in 180 Varick St. should have been affected by this outage. These include: SmartBuilding customers, Enterprise mail customers, SpamAssassin Relay service customers, and our internal phone system. We are working with the building manager to take preventative measures to prevent this from happening again. Full services were restored at 7:55 PM. Please E-mail if you have any questions or concerns related to this outage, or if you were affected by this outage and are not listed above.

Internet Channel Support

05/31/05 Shell Server and webmail update
18:16 We will be upgrading some programs on the shell server tomorrow (6/1).

During this upgrade the webmail program may become unresponsive for brief moments. We will update the bulletins when this is completed.

Gerald Internet Channel

04/21/05 T1 and dial up customer maintenance.
18:48 The DS3 that supports our dial-up T1s and a few T1 customers had a supporting cable replaced Today at 18:30. The T1 lines and dial up services were temporarily offline during this maintenance.

This repair was to replace a faulty DS3 cable that was having intermittent problems.

Internet Channel Support

04/04/05 Enterprise server upgrade complete.
22:49 The Enterprise server has been upgraded. It has a much faster CPU and memory. This server services our dedicated business customers and the tenants of 180 Varick Street. If you have any questions related to this upgrade, please E-mail

Internet Channel Support

04/04/05 Enterprise Mail services
10:43 Our Enterprise mail server that services 180 Varick Street will be offline for parts of today for upgrades. We will post a notice when the server is completely upgraded. This only affects Enterprise mail users.

Internet Channel Support

03/31/05 Mail bomb.
12:22 For lack of a better name, INCH is being mail-bombed at the moment. We are currently working to set filters in place to prevent the bomb without blocking legitimate messages. Thanks for your patience with this problem.

Gerald (Sysadmin) Internet Channel

03/28/05 SpamAssassin
15:52 One of our SpamAssassin servers is offline for repair. Some messages may not be tagged with this server out of server. We have already placed an order for more SpamAsssassin servers due to its popularity. If you have not already checked out this feature, read up on it here:

Internet Channel Support

03/07/05 Dial-up services outage Sunday 3/6/2005
16:09 The 2 T1s to our Dial-Up equipment went down due to a circuit failure on Sunday shortly after noon. The connection came up when a faulty BNC connector was located and restored just before 21:30 (9:30PM).

This is the first time that circuit has gone down. We are in discussions with the site operator on the best way to prevent this from happening again and on how to restore the connection faster should this happen again.

We apologize for any disruption caused by this outage.

Internet Channel Support (

02/18/05 Shell server
11:22 Some programs installed on the shell server need to be updated today. You may notice the shell server running a little slow during this update. Openwebmail ( will be offline briefly during this update as well. Please E-mail or call our support department if you have any questions related to this update or if you notice a program that stops working.

Internet Channel Support (

02/09/05 SpamAssassin Upgrade
18:33 We are in the process of upgrading to the latest version of SpamAssassin. During the upgrades some of the servers have to be taken offline. You may notice an influx of spam during these changes. The 3rd server was upgraded today and we expect to upgrade the remaining 2 next week. If you have any questions related to this, please E-mail
01/26/05 Pine 4.62
17:37 Pine on the shell server has been upgraded to 4.62. For information about the changes, please go here

Please E-mail with any problems related to this upgrade.

Internet Channel Support

01/25/05 Shell Upgrade
16:34 We will be upgrading the kernel on the shell server tonight from 5:30 to 6:00 PM. During that time, the shell server will have to be rebooted. Please E-mail any questions to


01/19/05 T3 outage 1/18 affecting T1 and dial-up customers
13:19 At 20:24 on 1/18/2005 one of our Verizon DS3s went down. This line had been in service without incident since 2000 when it was installed. Verizon determined it to be a faulty line card on their end and replaced it. The DS3 came back up at 23:30. During this time Dial-up services and some T1 customers were offline. Please contact our support department with any questions related to this outage. (

Gerald Coon (System Administrator)

01/13/05 Shell service outage
13:44 The shell server was unavailable for a few minutes during a denial of service on Internet channel's domain name servers. Both DNS and shell services should be restored. We are investigating the source of the DoS on DNS.

Gerald Coon
System Administrator
Internet Channel

01/03/05 snownews installed on shell
13:59 Snownews is a text mode RSS/RDF newsreader. It supports RSS 1.0 feeds that comply with the W3C RDF specification and also supports Radio Userland's RSS 0.91 and 2.0 versions.

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