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Windows 3.1® & 3.11®

Installation Guide
This installation guide was created to help you set up the built-in Microsoft Windows 3.x components to help you get on the Internet as fast as possible. It is very important that you do not use any Windows 3.x connection kits such as Trumpet Winsock or Internet in a Box. These applications will conflict with this software and may lead to slower performance and compatibility problems. If you have any questions please call our technical support department at 212-243-5200.
  1. Insert Disk 1 of the Internet Channel 3.0 Installation and run Setup.exe. Follow the on-screen installation instructions. When the installation is complete you will have an Microsoft Internet Explorer Program Group Icon.
  2. Open up a DOS window (using either the MS-DOS icon or using the menu (FILE: RUN: command).
    • Change the directory to the C:> prompt (cd\).
    • Search for all copies of WINSOCK.DLL using the command dir winsock.dll /s .
    • The inch directory (c:\inch or c:\iexplore) and the Windows system directory (c:\windows\system) will both have a copy. Note the copy which has the most recent date. This is the one you will not rename.
    • Go to each directory listed and rename the various copies of WINSOCK.DLL to winsock_.dll (ren winsock.dll winsock_.dll) except for the most recent from Windows or Inch.
  3. Double click on the Microsoft Internet Explorer Program Group Icon, then click on the New Connection icon (see figure below).

Screen Shot

4. Type in your connection name (we recommend "Inch" or "Internet Channel" and click on OK.

Screen Shot

5. Choose the Program Manager Group in which you would like your new Internet Icons to appear and click on OK.

Screen Shot

6. Fill in User Name (lower case only) and Password. Enter the phone number you will be dialing to connect to the Internet Channel. Please see our quick reference guide for a full list of numbers

Screen Shot

7. Click on the dial setting box to check your dial settings.

You should not need to change anything.

If you are calling from the 718 area code (a local call) make sure you dial 807-4624. It is important to check the Number to be dialed at the bottom of the dial settings window.

Screen Shot

8. Now click on the Properties button to set the TCP/IP properties.

Screen Shot

9. The items under the General tab should match the box to the right.

Be certain that the box next to "Bring up terminal window after dialing" is unchecked if you are dialing in the 718 and 212 area codes, and checked if you are dialing to the 914, 516, or 201 area codes.

Other options in Connection Preferences can be modified.

When you are finished with this window, click on the Domain Name tab.

Screen Shot

10. Enter the information in the Domain Name area as seen in the figure to the right and click on OK.

Screen Shot

Simply click on the "Connect" button to access the Internet Channel.

If you are dialing in the 914, 201, or 516 area codes, after the modems have connected, you will see a black window appear with the words "which service please?". Type ppp in lowercase and press return.
You will be prompted to enter your username and password next. After entering your password, you will see the message "Switching to PPP".
Press the continue button on the window, and you will be logged in.

At this point you are connected to INCH and you may run any of the programs in the INCH folder, as well as any other internet software you may obtain (such as IRC and news clients).

To connect to INCH during subsequent sessions, simply click on the icon for INCH in the "Microsoft Internet Explorer" Program Group. You are now on the Internet. If you have any questions, you may E-Mail us at or call us at 212-243-5200.

Copyright © 1998, Internet Channel, New York City