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Installation Guide
for Windows 95®

1C. Checking that TCP/IP is installed

TCP/IP is the protocol computers use to communicate on the Internet. This component should be installed with Dial-Up Networking automatically, but sometimes it is not, especially in minimal installations and when all network options are unchecked during Windows 95 installation. Therefore, the proper installation of TCP/IP must be verified.

Click on Start, then choose Settings and then Control Panel.

Double-click on the Network icon.

® ®
screen shot
screen shot You should see icons for Dial-Up Networking and TCP/IP. There may be other icons and components installed.

If you see IPX/SPX-compatible Protocol and you are not on a network or don't specifically know that you need it, highlight IPX/SPX-compatible Protocol and click Remove. IPX/SPX can cause conflicts with TCP/IP, making it difficult to connect to Inch.

If you don't see TCP/IP, click on Add and continue to the next page.

If you do not have TCP/IP installed, click here to continue in section 1d.
If you do have TCP/IP installed, click here to continue in section 1e.

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