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I - What happened to the children and their mothers when...

baby grave

In Torino's cemetery
photo: Ari Frankel

PL - Ah well, they were killed right away: out of the 650 of us on the train, 400-500 died the same evening we arrived or the next. They were immediately sorted out into the gas chambers, in these grim night scenes, with people screaming and yelling. They were yelling like I never heard before. They were yelling orders we didn't understand. They had us lined up; There was an officer (later on I learned he was a doctor, but we didn't know that at the time) who would ask each one of us, "Can you walk or not?" I consulted with the man next to me, a friend, from Padua. He was older than me and also in poor health. I told him I'll say I can work, and he answered, "You do as you please. For me, everything is the same". He had already abandoned any hope. In fact he said he couldn't work and didn't come into the camp. I never saw him again.

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