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Tyranosaurus Rex Venus Goliath Lion King Thinker MouldingMr Potato Head 

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Tyranosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Mechanical structure, styrofoam, foam rubber and mini-cell foam. This sculpture walks, blinks, opens and closes its mouth and is extremely lightweight considering the subject. Commissioned by Education TV for the Discovery Channel.



For the Broadway show Annie. Entirely carved from foam rubber and further reinforced and protected by a rubber 'skin', but looks exactly like marble to the naked eye. Quite lightweight for a seven-footer.




3 feet of sculpted prototype with mechanics. Fully moveable body. Commissioned by Ken Joy, Inc. to be later recreated as a 15 ft sculpture for Broadway.

  1. Lion King Window Display
  2. 4 ft. Contracted by Golden Books.
  3. (4ft 'Lion King' contract by Golden Books)

Lion King


The Thinker

  1. Similar to the materials used for the Venus, this 7 foot rendition of Rodin's Thinker was also commissioned for the Broadway show Annie. It fools the eye into thinking it’s bronze, but is sculpted, in reality, out of
  2. foam rubber.


Molding Model

For The Lucille Ball Theater in Las Vegas. The piece was sculpted from rigid foam and became the model for the cast pillars and moldings. Commissioned by Adirondack Scenic.


Mr Potato Head

 Jimmy Neutron

From the Nickelodeon trade show. Approximately 7 feet tall and sculpted from foam rubber with protective skin.





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