Pawling Bread Co and Front Street present
a benefit event for Pawling Yoga & Wellness

Friday, March 20, 5:30-9pm

front street & pawling bread - an update
Final exhibit  Swamp Things 3, Dec 2018
Final event Leonard Cohen Family Music Night, Jan. 2019      a brief history of front st (2019)  

Front Street's Final Themed Show:
When Darkness Falls

Opening Reception: Friday, October 12, 5-8pm
a group show featuring 27 artists

A Brief History of Front Street

Founders Exhibition
Front Street's original founders return

Opening Saturday, July 7, 6-9pm
Celebrating the end of 8 years in Patterson and a move to Pawling

After more than 8 years at its current location in Patterson, NY, Front Street Gallery will be closing its doors at the end of 2018.  The gallery will re-open in a new incarnation as part of the Pawling Bread Company building.

In April 2010, Front Street Gallery opened with a show featuring its four founders, painters Gene Cadore, Linda Puiatti, Mary Smoot Souter, and photographer Jeremy Wolff.   To honor the occasion, bringing the history of the gallery full-circle, the original artists will return for a new exhibition, opening in the evening on Saturday, July 7.  Artist Jeanette Rodriguez, long-time curator at Front Street, will also be a part of the show.

Over the years, the gallery has featured artists from New York and around the country in group and juried shows.  But Front Street has mainly been a center for the surprisingly large and committed community of local artists, encouraging many young artists to exhibit for the first time, and inspiring others to return to their work. The gallery has also hosted many musical events, art classes, and readings.

Join us Saturday, July 7, 6-9pm, for the opening of the Founders Exhibition. The show runs through August 24.   Exhibitions are planned to continue through the end of the year, with an ArtEast show in September, the annual juried show in October, and the FrOGS show in December.

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 hours:  Thursday & Friday 11-3  Saturday & Sunday 10-2 
  and always by appointment: info at 917 880 5307
21 Front St. Patterson NY 12563

The Pawling Library & Front Street Gallery present
“A New Chapter”

Frana K. Baruch, Lone Thygesen Blecher, Susan Bores, Kimberly Bruce, Robert Casilla, Peter Cascone, Nancy Faulds, Mary Ann Glass, Vivian Haberfeld, Susan Hennelly, Carolyn Keane, Lonna Kelly, Kenneth Kolski, Cynthia McCusker, Ginger Mold, Sharon Nakazato, Doreen O'Connor, Felice Panagrosso, Donald Partelow,
Karen Presser, Ed Retana, Nora Roberto, Danielle Rogers, Jane Soodalter,
James Sparks, Donald Turner, David Vorves, Joann Zwolski.

Heart: a group show of 33 painters, sculptors and photographers.
through April 13, 2018

SWAMP THINGS 2: Saturday December 16

Friday the 13th of October: "Particles of Light"

Solitude and Refuge: the paintings of Jane Black & Mark Delluomo

Winners of the 5th Annual Juried Group Show
May 19-July 14

UNITY: a group show

Annette Arroyo, Dod Chahroudi, Stephen Cihanek,
Shelley Dell, Donna Faranda, Nancy Faulds,
Elisabeth Frischauf, Erin Fritts, Connor Formicola,
Justin Goodhart, Linda T. Hubbard, Carol-lee Kantor,
Basha Maryanska, Ed Retana, Ellie Ritter,
Jeanette Rodriguez, Danielle Rogers, Stephen Rose,
Jane Soodalter, Donald W. Turner,
Dayna Wenzel, Candace Winter.

exhibition runs through end of April 2017

Front Street's 5th annual juried group show The Path

Summer Invitational

"In the Realm of Dreams" winners of the 4th annual juried group show
Tanya Kukucka & Kathy Ferguson

The Music of David Bowie Sunday Jan. 31

Front Street's 4th annual juried group show: BLUE
Worldwide blue is our favorite color. It evokes serenity, spirituality, infinity.  Lay on your back and look up at heaven. The 5th chakra: the throat, voice and self-expression.  Deep blues: singing, listening. Sea and shadow. Blue symbolizes the Virgin Mary.  Krishna has blue skin. Fifty-three percent of the world's flags have blue: the color most commonly used in corporate identity.  Miles Davis was kind of blue.  What kind of blue are you? 

Summer Invitational:

("Reflection" was the theme--and the winners were Lenz & Glass)
Winners of the 3rd Annual Juried Show
Heather Lenz & Mary Ann Glass:"Transparency & Transformation"

the RED show

11 artists from Long Island City and beyond take the train to Patterson.
Reflection is an essential process of light and surfaces.  It is also the process of self-recognition.  Narcissus looked into a pool and fell in love with his own image.  We also have mirrors and phones and various new pools of light to stare into, and we're not any better at recognizing ourselves.  We think it's all out there, but it's we who are projecting:  all the terrible things, and all the beauty.  Like ripples in water, all technology has its own bent. Reflected images are altered by the surface, refracted and reversed, familiar and opposite at the same time. By mirror-images we know ourselves. 

The FLOW Show

Liliana Washburn Wings of Wisdom
In the Stillness of Trees
a group exhibition of nature
Featuring Gretchen Abene, Shelley Dell, Jovanna De Las Salas, Michael Garland, Bea Gustafson, Michael Hogan, Karen Madden, Gregory Martin, Crista Pisano, Mary Smoot-Souter,  and Jeanette Rodriguez.

Nature's Camouflage

#trainwindow - new photography by  Lisa M. Kelsey
Life Forms: the artwork of Roberta Dixon and Millie Falcaro
winners of Front Street's second annual juried show


Front Street's Annual Juried show "Nature/Culture"
  May 11-June 16

 Roberta Dixon: “Anemone’s Dream”; Eli Horowitz: “Sunflower #26

Jeanette Rodriguez: Windows of My Soul

Jeanette Rodriguez: "Lost Souls" - Alcohol inks on yupo paper.  
March 16-April 21

ARTEAST at Front Street:

the winners of Front Street's first juried exhibition "HOME"
Shade & Surface: the art of Lewis Folden and Dan van Benthuysen

Linda Puiatti:  Summer Light
exhibition runs through October 28

Jeremy Wolff:  Pages from The Flower Book

A Gallery of Openings

previously at front street:

Linda Puiatti
Michael Garland
Crista Pisano
Norman McGrath
Tarryl Gabel
Julie Hopkins
Bob Dylan Family Music Night

Gene Cadore            

Mary Smoot-Souter    

Jeremy Wolff      

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 hours:  some Thursdays, Friday 11-3  Saturday & Sunday 10-2 
  call or email for appt. anytime 917 880 5307
Front Street Gallery, LLC
21 Front St. Patterson NY 12563

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