USSR: Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia

In 1990, Tom Freisem and I (with Tanya Kirova Freisem for the first leg) bicycled
from Moscow to Berlin, via Kiev, Odessa, Moldavia and Poland.
(Wall St. Journal story)
(Metropolis Magazine story)
(Best of Russia photos)

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   Moscow bread store - Prices go up but there is always bread

   Soldiers having their picture taken with fake Gorbachev

  Man with tattoos of Stalin and Lenin

Early Pepsi machine - note reused glasses

  Homemade clothes for sale on the street

   Soft-core comes to Moscow - magazine display on the Arbat

   Babushka paints her dacha

  In the outskirts of Leningrad/St. Petersburg - one of the world's most beautiful cities

test  "Lenin Lives Forever" - Soviet public art in the middle of nowhere

  Man praying outside locked church in Lvov - eastern Ukraine

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