Notes from Cuba 
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Cycling Eastern Europe in 1987 
(In Fashion Magazine)
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With the Living & the Dead in Mexico City  (New York Press)
Auschwitz/Ocwiecim--Cycling to a Death Camp (New York Press)
To Live & Dine in Dixie--A Journey through the Deep (Fried) South

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Soviet Signs - Communist Aesthetics at the end of the USSR (Metropolis Magazine)
Two Wheels against Russia--Bicycling Moscow to Berlin  August 1990   (The Wall Street Journal)
11 Days Across Poland--Between Russia & Germany in 1990
Bialowieza: Europe's Last Primeval Forest,  Poland 1994   (Travel & Leisure)
Striking Out on the Burmese Border:  A Rebel Camp Primer & Upcountry Dating Guide
Weekend in Manila--The Philippines & the 4th Anniversary of the People Power Revolution
Moderately Paranoid Thoughts Re Israel, Iraq, & 11 September  June 2002
Inside Virtual Reality: (The Myth of Transparency, the Myth of Reflection) --Timothy Leary & the first demo of VR on the East Coast, May 1990
Thoughts on the Demise of the Telegraph -- What the first electric media tell us about TV, HDTV and where the Internet is going.