Descendants of Joseph Penny & Deborah Squires
(Two Generations)

Compiled by John Penney

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Generation One

1. Joseph Penny; buried at Red Creek Cem., Southport, NY;1 born 1768;2 married Deborah Squires, daughter of Ellis Squires and Phebe Russell, 1789;3 died 15 Apr 1845.3

He and Deborah Squires moved from Aquebogue to Red Creek (Flanders?) after 1790.

Children of Joseph Penny and Deborah Squires were as follows:

  • 2. i. Deborah, born 21 Dec 1790; married John Edwards.

  • 3. ii. Capt. Joseph Jr, born 26 Aug 1791; married Harmony Squires.

  • 4. iii. Mary, married Jonathan Norton Robinson; born 25 Jun 1793.

  • 5. iv. Phebe, born 6 May 1795; married John Sawyer Foster.

  • 6. v. Harvey, born Jun 1797; married Abigail Raynor.

  • 7. vi. Hannah, born 24 Feb 1799; married Sylvester F. Terry.

  • 8. vii. Millie M., born 28 Apr 1801; married Benjamin Davis.

  • 9. viii. Nathan, born 22 Jan 1804; married Hannah Fournier.

  • 10. ix. Manassah, married Rosetta Goodale; married Phebe Robinson; born 1805.

  • 11. x. Austin, born 27 May 1807; married Sarah Ann Benjamin.

  • xi. Esther A.; born May 1809;3 died 11 May 1885 at Flanders, Suffolk, NY; buried at Fournier Cemetery, Red Creek., Suffolk, NY; AE 76.

    She never married. See Suffolk Probate File no. 10130(A).

  • xii. Lodewick; born 13 Jul 1811; died 20 Oct 1819 at age 8; buried at Fournier Cemetery, Red Creek, Suffolk, NY; AE 8 years, 3 months, 7 days.

  • 12. xiii. Frances, born 18 May 1814; married Oliver K. Buckley.

Generation Two

2. Deborah Penny; born 21 Dec 1790;4 married John Edwards 21 Jan 1814;3 died 8 Jan 1877 at age 86;4 buried at Oakland Cemetery, Sag Harbor, NY.5

Children of Deborah Penny and John Edwards were as follows:

  • i. Deborah C.; married R. Topping.

  • ii. Joseph A.; married Caroline Snooks.

  • iii. Mary J.; married Henry Tuthill.

  • iv. Lodowick H.; married Lucy Avory; buried at Oakland Cemetery, Sag Harbor, NY;5 born 10 Mar 1821;6 died 3 Sep 1849 at age 28.6

  • v. Frances S.; married Atwater Hale.

  • vi. Hannah; married William White.

  • vii. Charlotte M.; married Samuel Polley.

  • viii. John P.; married Sarah Hayes.

  • ix. Austin; buried at Oakland Cemetery, Sag Harbor, NY;5 born 1 Mar 1832;6 died 16 Mar 1832.6

  • x. Henrietta; buried at Oakland Cemetery, Sag Harbor, NY;5 married Charles C. Douglas.

3. Capt. Joseph Penny Jr; born 26 Aug 1791;4 married Harmony Squires 1813;3 died 1 Nov 1859 at Greenport, Suffolk, NY, at age 68;7 buried at Webb St. Cem., Greenport, NY.

He was a sea captain from Greenport, NY. See Suffolk probate file no. 5168.

Children of Capt. Joseph Penny Jr and Harmony Squires were as follows:

  • i. Hiram S.; born 1813; died 9 Jul 1840;8 buried at Webb St. Cemetery, Greenport, NY; AE 27.

    He was lost at sea in 1840.9

  • ii. Miranda; born 3 Jun 1815;10 married Madison W. Young, son of Warren Youngs, 7 Sep 1839;11 died 31 Oct 1886 at age 71.11

  • iii. Capt. George Gilbert; born 21 Oct 1816;12 married Esther S. Havens 23 Jun 1840 at Shelter Island, Suffolk, NY;13 died 28 Dec 1888 at Mattituck, Suffolk, NY, at age 72;14 buried 1889 at Shelter Island, Suffolk, NY; AE 72Y 2M 7D.

    He appeared on the census of 1850 at Southold, Suffolk, NY.15 He lived at Greenport, Suffolk, NY.

  • iv. Harmy H.; born 1822; died 13 Aug 1841; buried at Webb St. Cemetery, Greenport, Suffolk, NY; AE 19.

  • v. Maria L.; buried at Sterling Cem., Greenport, Suffolk, NY;16 born circa 1825;17 died 8 Feb 1834.17

  • vi. Manetta J.; married Leroy R. Westfall; buried at Webb St. Cem., Greenport, NY; born 1826;18 died 1896.18

  • vii. Capt Wickham H.; married Clara M. Woodhull; born circa 1828.15

    He died in a foreign port.19

  • viii. Schuyler J.; born circa 1830;20 married Maria Virginia Ryder before 25 Mar 1857.21

    He lived at Main Street near Amity, Greenport, Suffolk, NY.22 He Capt. Schuyler Penny's vessel foundered at sea. All on board were lost.19

  • ix. Elizabeth W.; born circa 1832;20 married Rev. William Wood Apr 1865.23

  • x. Deborah A.; born circa 1833;15 married Elisha Hallock 14 Jan 1857 at Greenport, Suffolk, NY;21 died 1865.17

  • xi. Frances M.; buried at Webb St. Cem., Greenport, NY; born 1835;18 died 1896.18

  • xii. Capt. Horace W.; married Amelia Waterhouse; born 1836;24 died 19 Aug 1886;18 buried at Webb St. Cem., Greenport, NY; AE 50.

    He was knocked overboard by a jib boom and drowned.19

4. Mary Penny; married Jonathan Norton Robinson; born 25 Jun 1793;4 died 13 May 1888 at Sabetha, Kansas, at age 94.25

Children of Mary Penny and Jonathan Norton Robinson were as follows:

  • i. William; married Ruth Standard.26

  • ii. Norton F.; born 26 Dec 1830 at Southampton, Suffolk, NY;25 married Phebe R. Penny, daughter of Harvey Penny and Abigail Raynor, 1857 at Southampton, Suffolk, NY;25 died 1916 at Sabetha, Kansas.25

  • iii. Mary E.; married Costello C. Buck.26

  • iv. Theron; married Maria Standard.26

  • v. Eugene.

  • vi. Dwight.

5. Phebe Penny; born 6 May 1795;4 married John Sawyer Foster, son of Wakeman Foster and Martha Sawyer, 12 Dec 1812 at Pon Quogue, Southampton, NY;27 died 25 Oct 1881 at age 86.4

Children of Phebe Penny and John Sawyer Foster were as follows:

  • i. Edward H.; born 20 Jan 1815;3 married Mary Bellows Dec 1840;3 died 1903.28

  • ii. Phebe Ann; born 1817;28 married Joshua Corwin 1835;28 died 1881.28

  • iii. Mary Jane; born 1818;28 married Theodore Conklin 1841;28 died 1889.28

  • iv. John Harvy; married Mary Jane Smith; born 1820;28 died 1905.28

  • v. Joseph L.; married Deborah A. Davis, daughter of Benjamin Davis and Millie M. Penny, 1849 at Sag Harbor, Suffolk, NY.28

  • vi. William S.; born 14 Oct 1824;29 married Mary Ann Penny, daughter of Austin Penny and Sarah Ann Benjamin, 19 Mar 1849 at Flanders, Suffolk, NY.23,29

  • vii. Deborah A.; married Sylvanus R. Jackson; married William Stratton; born 1825;28 died 1904.28

  • viii. Nancy M.; born 1827;28 died 1887.28

  • ix. Nathan P.; born 1829;28 married Electra A. Wells 1851;28 died 1897.28

  • x. James R.; born 1832;28 married Sarah L. Phillips 1857 at Southampton, Suffolk, NY.28

  • xi. Emeline P.; born 1834;28 married Henry Frank Carter 1852 at East Quogue, Suffolk, NY;28 died 1886.28

  • xii. Rosetta Matilda; born 2 Feb 1836 at Good Ground, Southampton, Suffolk, NY;17 married Allen Parker Squires, son of Alvin Squires and Charry Lane, 10 May 1854 at Riverhead, Suffolk, NY;17 died 10 Aug 1900 at Good Ground, Southampton, Suffolk, NY, at age 64.17

  • xiii. Frances A.; born 1840;28 married Capt. William N. Raynor 1858;28 married Silas Topping 1874;28 died 1888.28

  • xiv. Alonzo Allen; born 15 Oct 1841;30 married Georgianna Anna Squires 15 Oct 1865;30 died 1913.28

6. Harvey Penny; born Jun 1797;3 married Abigail Raynor 19 Aug 1824;23 died 22 Feb 1865 at age 67.3

Children of Harvey Penny and Abigail Raynor were as follows:

  • i. Catherine R.; married Thomas P. Ripley; born 2 Jun 1826.17

  • ii. Phebe R.; born 1833;31 married Norton F. Robinson, son of Jonathan Norton Robinson and Mary Penny, 1857 at Southampton, Suffolk, NY;25 died 27 Aug 1908 at Sabetha, Kansas.25

  • iii. Ann M.; married Joseph A. Williams; baptized 3 Sep 1830.17

  • iv. Frances M..

  • v. George S.; born circa 1834.15

  • vi. Mary J.; born Oct 1836;32 married William Bishop circa 12 Dec 1855.23

  • vii. Harriet A.; married A. Frank Trask; born circa 1841.15

  • viii. William R.; born circa 1850.15

7. Hannah Penny; born 24 Feb 1799;3 married Sylvester F. Terry 20 Jun 1823;3 died 18 Oct 1881 at age 82.3

Children of Hannah Penny and Sylvester F. Terry were as follows:

  • i. Austin P.; married Emeline Ferry.

  • ii. William N.; married Hannah Boulder.

  • iii. Sylvester J.; married Pollie Sealy.

  • iv. Joseph E.; married Mary E. Baylis.

  • v. Hannah Ann; married Gilbert Horton.

  • vi. Sylvester F..

8. Millie M. Penny; born 28 Apr 1801;3 married Benjamin Davis 10 Apr 1827;3 died 13 Apr 1889 at age 88.3

Children of Millie M. Penny and Benjamin Davis were as follows:

  • i. Deborah A.; married Joseph L. Foster, son of John Sawyer Foster and Phebe Penny, 1849 at Sag Harbor, Suffolk, NY.28

  • ii. Benjamin F.; married Ruth L. Smith.

  • iii. Mary R.; married Jacob Barren.

  • iv. Betsy M.; married Oscar Goodale.

  • v. Emily C.; married John A. Purdy.

  • vi. Joseph L.; married Ellen A. Graham.

9. Nathan Penny; born 22 Jan 1804;3 married Hannah Fournier, daughter of John Fournier, 28 Dec 1828;3 died 6 Nov 1880 at age 76.3

He claims (mistakenly?) that he "traces his ancestry back to one Joshua Penny, who located here on his emigration from England, and during the war of 1812 participated in that conflict." This conflicts with: Wines, Pioneers of Riverhead Town. Also, see Suffolk probate file no. 9066.33

Children of Nathan Penny and Hannah Fournier were as follows:

  • i. Nathan N.; born circa 1829;34 married Hannah Jane Terry, daughter of Mitchell Terry and Fanny Sweezy, 20 Jul 1853.35

  • ii. Augustus S.; buried at Flanders Cemetery, Suffolk, NY;5 born 4 Oct 1831;36 died 8 Jul 1864 at age 32.36

  • iii. Cecelia A.; buried at Flanders Cemetery, Suffolk, NY;5 born 2 Mar 1833;17 died 25 Jan 1911 at age 77.17

  • iv. Oliver F.; born 16 Feb 1835;36 died 29 Jan 1862 at Chattanogua, Tenn, at age 26;36 buried or memorial at Flanders Cemetery, Suffolk, NY.5

    He served in Illinois Regiment in the Cival War and died in service at Chattanogua.37

  • v. Eleanor D.; married George Mitchell Terry, son of Mitchell Terry and Fanny Sweezy, 8 Apr 1857.38

  • vi. John F.; married Rose Benjamin; born 7 Apr 1839;17 died 30 Dec 1910 at age 71.17

  • vii. Emily T.; buried AE 34. at Flanders Cemetery, Suffolk, NY;5 born 6 Aug 1842;36 died 10 Nov 1876 at Flanders, Suffolk, NY, at age 34.14

  • viii. Robert W.; born 1 Dec 1844 at Flanders, Suffolk, NY;39 married Carrie L. Wells 22 Oct 1874;39 died 1921.36

  • ix. Hannah I.; married Jonas E. Smith; born circa 1848.20

10. Manassah Penny; married Phebe Robinson; married Rosetta Goodale; born 1805;3 died 1892.3

He removed to Illinois accompanied by his mother in 1858. He appeared on the census of 1860 at Andover, Henry, Illinois.20

Children of Manassah Penny and Rosetta Goodale were as follows:

  • i. Elwyn; married Nancy J. Corwin.

  • ii. (--?--); died 19 Apr 1835;5 buried at Red Creek Cem., Southport, NY.5

    She has a Burial stone inscription in Red Creek Cemetery that gives identity only as 'Infant daughter' with only a date of death.

  • iii. Gertrude; buried at Red Creek Cem., Southport, NY; AE 10 DAYS;5 born 16 Oct 1845;5 died 16 Oct 1845.5

Children of Manassah Penny and Phebe Robinson were as follows:

  • i. Frances; married Ithicar C. Converse.

  • ii. Theodore; married Marcia A. Valentine; died between 1861 and 1865; the Civil War, fighting with the Union Army.

  • iii. Norton; married Nellie Atwater.

  • iv. Sarepta; married James Converse.

  • v. Rosamond; married George S. Jackes.

  • vi. Isabel; married Joseph Woods.

  • vii. Warren; died between 1861 and 1865; fighting in the Civil War, fighting for the Union Army.

  • viii. Charles K.; married Rebecca Gardiner.

11. Austin Penny; born 27 May 1807;3 married Sarah Ann Benjamin 19 Mar 1828;3 buried at Good Ground Cemetery, Hampton Bays, NY;40 died 25 Feb 1890 at Good Ground, Southampton, Suffolk, NY, at age 82.3

He has probate records: Suffolk probate file no. 11464.

Children of Austin Penny and Sarah Ann Benjamin were as follows:

  • i. Mary Ann; born circa 1829;41 married William S. Foster, son of John Sawyer Foster and Phebe Penny, 19 Mar 1849 at Flanders, Suffolk, NY.23,29

  • ii. Gilbert Allen; born 30 Jul 1830;17 died 17 Oct 1924 at age 94.17

  • iii. Capt. Austin Everett; married Henrietta Townsend; married Mary Denison; born 2 Jun 1831 at Flanders, Suffolk, NY; married Maria Morton Tuthill 25 Dec 1852 at New Suffolk, Suffolk, NY.13

    He was a sea captain.

  • iv. Charlotte M.; born 2 Jun 1831;17 died 2 Sep 1900 at age 69.17

  • v. Joseph N.; buried at Good Ground Cem, Hampton Bays, NY;40 born 16 May 1836 at Flanders, Suffolk, NY;40 married Rachel Amelia Davison, daughter of John Kimball Davison and Mary Gaylord Burr, 4 Apr 1859 at Clinton Center, Wayne Co., PA;5 died 20 Feb 1911 at age 74.40

  • vi. Sarah E.; born circa 1850;20 married Leander Squires 9 Jan 1868 at Good Ground, Southampton, Suffolk, NY.14

    She Marriage at Good Ground Jan 9 1868 by Rev. C. Pike. Leander Squires to Miss Libbie Penny, y. daughter of Austin Penny of PomQuogue. -Deaths taken from the 'Republican Watchman,' NYGBS Library, v.1 p.17.

  • vii. Alanson C.; married Fannie H. Jackson; born circa 1853;20 died 13 Jan 1928.42

    He Suffolk probate file no. 29864.

  • viii. Alexander H.; married Emeline A. Foster, daughter of Edward H. Foster and Mary Bellows, 28 Feb 1867 at Good Ground, Southampton, Suffolk, NY;14 died circa 1905.42

    He Alexander H. Penny, from Good Ground, served in the 6th Cavalry in the Civil War. He returned from service. -Munsell, Pub., History of Suffolk Co., NY., 1882. Possibly Suffolk probate file no. 16844, d. cir 1905.

12. Frances Penny; born 18 May 1814; married Oliver K. Buckley 6 Jan 1835;43 died 11 Jan 1892 at age 77.

Children of Frances Penny and Oliver K. Buckley were as follows:

  • i. Oliver K.; married Martha Webb; married Emma Welch.

    He was also known as Jr..

  • ii. Capt. George B.; married Harriet Sophia Young, daughter of Madison W. Young and Miranda Penny, 14 Feb 1859;11 died 21 Aug 1892.11

    He was captain of the bark " William Hall."11 He and Harriet Sophia Young were murdered in their berths by a lascar (East Indian sailor) on a voyage to Cape Town. Both were buried at sea.19

  • iii. Alonzo C.; married Mary Preston Griffin.

  • iv. Sarah E.; married John Terry.

  • v. William J.; married Susan Wells; married Minnie Skidmore.

  • vi. Infant.

  • vii. Gertrude J.; married Jesse Horton.

  • viii. Ruth C..

  • ix. Kate F.; married William Stockweather.


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