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Weights & Skates
Fee Schedule

Call Paul at (917) 881-0266 to schedule an appointment.

Personal Training / Pilates  Each session is approximately 1 hour
    1 Session
 = $50.00
    "10 Pack" Discount
 = $475.00    (10 sessions paid for in advance)
    Group Pilates

    Call for rate
Skating Instruction Each lesson is approximately 75 minutes
Private Lessons (1 person)
   $50.00 each
   $135.00 "3 Pack" Discount    (3 lessons paid for in advance)

Group Lessons (2 or more people)
   $50.00 for the first person, $30.00 for each additional person.

Children 6 years and younger
   $10.00 if accompanied by a parent or older sibling taking a lesson

Protective gear is required to be worn for all lessons:
helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads.

Empire Skate Club Free Lesson
All new members of the
Empire Skate Club are entitled to one free 30 minute skating lesson upon payment of membership dues or presentation of a valid pre-payment voucher.

Call Paul at (917) 881-0266 for more information.

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