Using the Internet

Resources for Musicians, Performance Spaces, Radio Stations, etc.

The following is a brief description of some of the possibilities of reviewing and/or announcing CD's and/or performances on the Internet.

The first thing to always remember is that, other than your own personal web site, all of the things mentioned are non-commercial by charter and anything that smacks of blatant commercialism will be reacted to negatively.

It is recommended that you "lurk"...or hang out and just read the scene for a while so that you can get the feeling for what goes and what doesn't...

[ independent artists, we have a good claim to these scenes...folks are interested...some of the big companies have actually been caught "shilling"...having an employee pose as a John Q Public and hype stuff...this gets flamed bigtime...]

It is in one's own best interest to announce one's own CD's, performances, etc., very coolly and briefly with no hype, clearly labeled in the title of the posting

{for example:
"gig alert in nyc {ad!}"
and not very often, say, no more than once or twice a month.

It is often best to simply refer people to a web site for more info. Even then, you can get *flamed* [angry responses, often by e-mail, sometimes in bulk!]. Of course, no one ever died from being *flamed* and it is even possible to contest the flame if it is unfair. If you are reviewing someone else's CD, performance, etc., it is a good idea to make it clear that, although you may be in the same record company, you do not get any benefit whatsoever from this info, but simply dig the music.

The first place one can put the aforementioned info is on one's own web site. I posted a rave review of a live performance of the Connie Crothers/Lenny Popkin Quartet and, among other things, put it on my web site. This can be announced on the various newsgroups and e-mail lists described below. It also will be there for people to check out when they visit the web site.

There are various reasons that people find a web site. They may be looking for a particular person or subject that you web site has. The web site or person/subject or item may be mentioned in a posting on a newsgroup[s] or e-mail list[s]. Or a person associated with the web site may make an unrelated post somewhere and may pique someone's interest who will check out the web site. It is common practice to mention your web site's address in your electronic signature, or *sig file*. Putting an article on a web site gives it a permanent place in cyberspace. Being involved in various news groups and e-mail lists creates awareness, trust, respect, and interest. It's also fun...usually!

[...remember that cyberspace is a true democracy and, for example, you might dig everyone on a news group...]

There are also what is called *Lists*. These are e-mail groups; people find out about this particular *list* and subscribe to it. Anything anyone puts on the list is received by everyone in a matter of minutes! It can be very interesting; it can also be a drag and/or overwhelming. For a time, I subscribed to a *list* of *jazz lovers* that was published by Brown University. The real problem with that list was that people got into talking about everything...the weather, their breakfast, dumb jokes...It was not unusual to get 20-50 e-mails a day from this list and to try to wade through the muck was impossible for me. There was also a *Jazz Theory* e-mail list that was run [I should say controlled} by a person with a definite agenda of promoting his views and transcriptions. He had control over what went out over the list and it was not a cool scene, so I split. I have just found out about regional jazz lists. Info is at: .


There are at least 2 lists on saxophone which are cool, although they are rarely profound. There is a nice list on jazz from Greece [!] that is easy to deal with and is fairly open. I posted the review I wrote of the Quartet on all those lists [except for the jazz theory list, which I was not a part of at the time]. More than one person told me that they would definitely check out their music on CD and in person, when possible.

The easy way is to subscribe by sending them an e-mail and saying "please subscribe me"

****---->The newest e-mail lists are from (

send e-mail saying please sign me up to>>>>

( USA...Atlanta, Ga...
( [...New Zealand Jazz!]
[...if you find others, let us know...]
[sometimes they become inactive or disappear...things change...]

[[[remember...spamming gets you flamed!...either send each one individually or "blind copies sent" so that it doesn't look like spam...i prefer the former method...]]]

There are also what is called *NEWSGROUPS* on the Internet. Strictly speaking, these are not on the World Wide Web, like web pages. They are on what is called *USENET*; however, like web pages, newsgroups are usually accessed using the same program that you check out web pages with [a *browser* like Netscape or Microsoft's Internet Explorer]. Newsgroups are like electronic bulletin boards in cyberspace. For example, the one dedicated to jazz [see below] will look like a page of a list of titles of *threads* or topics that are currently being discussed. A thread may be rather short or, like the one I started entitled *FREE JAZZ: TRISTANO'S INNOVATION!*, it may go on for weeks and even months. It may reappear or be revised or may split off into a related topic. When posting your addition to the thread, you usually have the option of, in addition to posting your follow up on the *bulletin board* of the news group, having your post sent directly to the person to whom you are responding. Weigh this option carefully.

There are 10's of thousands of newsgroups! If you can imagine it, it is probably out there somewhere!

Some of the newsgroups I have checked out include:

**NOTE: an amazing excepting is the newsgroup

While it is "moderated"...i.e., there actually is a person who decides what gets on [pretty much, the other groups are largely unmoderated...but not unpatrolled...]...the more "info" you provide...e.g. bios, artisitic aesthetics, whatever you feel, baby...the more they dig it there! I once posted the entire bios from our press kit for CCQt and it was accepted...i've also written things about gigs there...

These newsgroups have been and will continue to be a valuable resource. Check it out!

If you have any questions, comments, or information please contact me via e-mail...

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