Connie Crothers, piano

P.O. Box 615, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276-0615


Excerpts from Reviews

"...powerful two-handed style, percussive and explorative. Her sudden descent to a crystal-toned delicacy permits the lyrical aspects to blossom with awe-inspiring beauty. Her closing "Trilogy"is a study in mood shifts, ranging from deep foreboding to a spirited explosion of joy." CODA, Nov./Dec. 1992

"Because she has unerring fingers, unerring swing, an unerring blues sensibility, because she knows where she is going, because of her originality, the music of Connie Crothers, which transcends the distinction between personal compositions and standards, cause the listener to experience a captivating joy." JAZZ MAGAZINE, June 1986, Patrick Williams

"Her chord structures and modern outlook I find very exciting and all her piano solos are excellent. Quite fascinating and great. I am 'hooked'!" JAZZ JOURNAL, Derrick Stewart-Baxter

"Connie Crothers, a pianist who has expanded Tristano's labyrinthine complexes, is a refreshing surprise." DOWNBEAT, September 1983, Bill Shoemaker

"Ms. Crothers comes out as a very original player. The music has a very uncompromising air to it, her piano technique is very clean and never is there any signs of superfluousness. It is good to hear a player who hits every note no-nonsense straight." CADENCE, March 1981, Per Husby

"Crothers manages to set a richly blues-toned mood in her own 'Ontology'. She doesn't concern herself here with the metaphysical essence of being, but rather digs into the essence of jazz improvisation, the blues feeling." OTTAWA CITIZEN, April, 1989, Lois Moody

"Connie Crothers plays with great strength and fire, yet seems to draw her lines with lightness and a fine edge. Her rhythmic sense never wavers, even in the most 'outside', adventurous constructions." OTTAWA CITIZEN, April 1988, Lois Moody

"...a lioness on the keyboard." JAZZ NU, January, 1985, Jean Quist

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