The New Payola, part 2...

another exchange:

article <4e9snd$>, Richard Tabnik writes:

I don't want to be a writer. I am a jazz improviser on the alto saxophone. My articles come up naturally, and not on deadline. I write and post it on my web site, and on newsgroups, so that I don't have to deal with being 'edited', etc...Remember FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

This is pure unadulterated crap. Your premises seem to be:

  1. If people listened to me, they would love me.
    • ...actually, people do dig my music! And I've gotten great reviews. But you didn't take the trouble to research either before you attacked me. Why?

  2. The record companies and radio stations are conspiring against me.
    • ...I state that the undue influence caused by fewer and fewer rec. co's owning more and more causes there to be less and less freedom for gigs, and the media to do what people want, or to 'take chances'. This affects us all. why do you attack me?

  3. If they weren't conspiring against me, I could make a reasonable living plying my trade as a so-called jazz alto saxophonist. "The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars." MAYBE if you took the time blaming the so-called conspiracy for your problems and practiced with it, there would be less to whine about.
    • ...Methinks he doth protest too much! You don't know how much i do. But what i don't do is attack my fellow musicians!

  4. Maybe if you sent tapes to stations that look for new music you might get some airplay.
    • ...tapes? I have 4 CD's on New Artists Records; check out my web site! I send them to radio and writers...But the indie scene does not and cannot make up for the illegal activities of the monopolies.

  5. Maybe, if your overriding goal is to do your thing without any commercial restrictions, you could get a day job that permitted it.
    • doesn't necessarily follow the other, and you could see that if you weren't in a blind rage. It isn't just about me, although you seem to think it is...Why?

  6. . Maybe if you wanted unadulterated admiration, you could volunteer a performance in a nursing home and get coverage by the local press.
    • The press doesn't cover many 'homes', although I have played them.

  7. Stop blaming other people for your problems. You control your own destiny, as does any individual. Or would you rather whine about your problems than do something about them?
    • ...I am simply pointing out realities that affect us all, artist and fan alike, in addition to all the work i do on my own for myself. Sure, you are the creator of your destiny, but others affect it. That's what payola and anti-trust violations mean. And finally, I am not whining, although in comparison to your anonymous hysterical attacks, it may sound like that. I am raising issues that are being raised in this as well as other areas of business...

  8. Performing creatively is a privilege, not a right, at least in our culture.
    • ...Maybe, but if so, why should big co's who unduly influence the media and the gigs decide who gets the 'privilege'?

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