I have 4 CD's on New Artists Records, which is a musician-owned and run company. If you'd like ordering information, please see below:

  1. Connie Crothers, p. Richard Tabnik, a.s.,

"...The music is beautiful...far beyond the typical...refreshingly original music...I was very impressed..." [Ben Kettlewell, WOMR-FM, 8/89]

"Piano and alto are paired in a program of nine originals, played with an inspired blend of strength, fire and lines drawn with a fine edge. Adventurous, fresh and ten album of 1988." --Lois Moody, OTTAWA CITIZEN

Complete text of reviews for DUO DIMENSION...

  • Richard Tabnik, solo a.s.,
  • "...a great musician with a unique approach that is not a household name but still deserves world class attention via concerts, gigs, and the national press. His solos are models of melodic improvisation..." [Tim Price, SAXOPHONE JOURNAL, 11/93]

    Complete text of reviews for SOLO JOURNEY...

  • Richard Tabnik Trio w/ R.T. a.s, Carol Tristano, d., Cameron Brown, b.,
  • " shaped by the moments inspiration...they can pursue uncharted paths with confidence and musical vocabulary rooted in past moments of the jazz experience..." [Lois Moody, Marge Hofacres JAZZ NEWS, 9/94]

    Complete text of reviews for IN THE MOMENT...

  • Richard Tabnik Quartet w/ R.T., a.s., Andy Fite, g., Roger Mancuso, d., Calvin Hill, b.,
  • "...a gem...With a feathery tone that never quite sounds the way altos are expected to, Tabnik plays delightfully off Fites spare, stark strums and the irresistible shove of Roger Mancuso and Calvin Hills rhythms...unequivocally recommended..." [Andy Bartlett, CADENCE, 4/95]

    Complete text of reviews for Life at the Core...

    For catalogs, write to:

    New Artists Records, Inc.
    P.O.Box 549
    NYC, NY 10018 USA

    Check out the *--->new web site for New Artists Records at

    To order, contact your local record store or order direct from:

    Tower Records Mail Order: [easiest to deal with!]
    In USA:
    Tel 1.800.ASK.TOWER
    Fax: 1.800.538.6938
    International orders:
    Tel: 212.982.7400
    Fax: 212.674.8792
    International mail order rates: [sent by Federal Express]
    1st pound [1-3 CD's]: $20
    Each additional pound: $5
    By Mail:
    Tower Records Mail Order
    22 East 4th Street, #302
    NYC, NY 10003


    North Country Distributors
    Cadence Building
    Redwood, NY 13679 USA


    H+B Recordings Direct
    12037 Starcrest Drive
    San Antonio, TX 78247 USA
    ph: 800.222.6872 fax:210.545.3968
    They are on the World Wide Web:


    Solo Music Benelux
    Ondernemingsweg 50
    2404 H N Alphen Aan Den R1JN


    In Canada:

    Verge Music Distribution
    L9P 1J5 CANADA
    TEL/FAX 905-852-9745
    World Wide Web: http://

    Please note: writers, reviewers and radio stations who wish copies of CD's, please send me your postal address via e-mail.

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