To me, sessioning means stretching out over a period of time with other musicians. This may or may not be with the intention of gigging; but it is for the purpose of improvising jazz! I am currently sessioning with Connie Crothers, Roger Mancuso, and Ed Broderick. This is the Connie Crothers Quartet. It is really intense and amazingly beautiful!. We will be performing as much as possible this year and plan to record in the near future..

Other people I session with include Lenny Popkin [tnr. sax], Liz Gorrill [piano], Carol Tristano [drums], Charley Krachy [tnr.sax], Michael Levy [piano], Carol Liebowitz [piano], Bob Field [tnr.sax], Bob Casanova [voice], Andy Fite [guitar], Sharon Fogarty [flute], Rachel Silverman [voice], Gary Levy [alto sax], Anton Lindner [alto sax], Virg Dzurinko [piano], Madeline Renard [voice], Ed Broderick [bass], and Neil Miner [bass]. They are all great jazz improvisors, very original and deep.We also have a jam session scene that we have set up monthly in NYC. I would love to hear from anyone who plays the acoustic bass and might be interested in sessioning with me. If you would like info about any of this, please e-mail me.


I've been going to open jam sessions a lot lately here in NYC! Mainly, I've been digging Cleopatra's Needle and Small's [even more, since it's such a cool scene and goes on longer...]

It's really fun to meet and hear new musicians and it's great to be heard by people who have never heard me before! Most of all, I just dig playing!

Maybe I'll see you there...

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