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In the Moment / It's Just a Feeling (2 takes) / Individuality / Discovery / Lester Young's Solos on "Shoe Shine Boy", Takes 1 & 2 / Butterflies and Universes / In Sync / Heartline / Dreaming's Meanings / Your Eyes / Totality / Timestream
Tabnik, as; Cameron Brown, b; Carol Tristano, d. 10/8/92, NYC

I was not familiar with the work of Richard Tabnik, but I assume that he is a first- or second-generation student of Lennie Tristano. Daughter Carol Tristano appears on the disc, but there is other evidence of Lennie's influence: the treatment of "Shoe Shine Boy", in which Tabnik plays take 1 of Lester Young's 1937 solo as the head, improvises several choruses, and then plays take 2 as the conclusion, suggest the kind of isolated study of canonical recordings that Tristano advocated. Interestingly, Tabnik does not simply duplicate Lester's solos -- he takes liberties, accenting a few notes somewhat differently and slurring over a few others. This is an interpretation as well as a homage.

Tabnik may represent the inevitable moment in avant-garde music when free jazz a la Tristano meets free jazz a la Ornette. It's fascinating how Tabnik dances between the two poles of Konitzian detachment and Colemanic wailing. Of course, with Cameron Brown and Carol Tristano, who have worked hard at extending the Tristano project with Connie Crothers and Lenny Popkin, Tabnik tends more towards the older style of introspective, restrained improvisation without rigid chordal structures. But with no piano and with a tendency to cut loose, even to emit vox humana cries, Tabnik is clearly bringing in the bluesier, more emotive experiments of Coleman. Bassist Brown is especially sympathetic, aggressively walking the trio out of the narrow rhythmic confines of the Tristano tradition. In his favorable review of Tabnik's solo CD of 1990, David Dupont sounded liked he admires the music more than he liked it. Hearing Tabnik in a trio setting, the listener has a better chance of enjoying him as well as admiring him. [--Krin Gabbard, CADENCE Magazine, March 1994, page 100]

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Marge Hofacre's JAZZ NEWS
Mini-Reviews by Lois Moody


This aptly titles trio performance aligns alto saxman Tabnik with bassist Cameron Brown and drummer Carol Tristano, all committed to music shaped by the moment's inspiration. Still, they can pursue uncharted paths with confidence and music vocabulary rooted in past moments of the jazz experience.

Thematically, the lines created by Tabnik are free of conventional melodic movement but they are not without structure and purpose. Both Brown and Tristano provide a steady pulse to nourish Tabnik's freer excursions and Brown goes beyond his support role to bring form and color to each piece. Except for one track which flashes back to Lester Young's fluid solo sound on Cahn/Chaplin's Shoe Shine Boy, all this music develops collectively on Tabnik originals. [--Lois Moody, Marge Hofacre's JAZZ NEWS, Sept./Oct. 1994]

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