Roger Mancuso, drums!


  • Roger Mancuso, drums, grew up in the New York Metropolitan area. He was self-taught up until his 4 years of study with Lennie Tristano.


  • 10 years with Lennie Tristano; 20 years with Warne Marsh, w/Lee Konitz, &w/Sal Mosca
  • 30 years with Connie Crothers & with Lenny Popkin
  • 20 years with Liz Gorrill; 10 years with Richard Tabnik
  • various gigs, clubs, and concerts in the NY area, the U.S., and in Europe and Canada
  • worked with: Jimmy Knepper, Phil Woods, Tal Farlow, George Coleman, Eddie Gomez


  • PERCEPTION (Steeplechase SCS-1002, SCCD 31022; Inner City IC 2022)
    • Connie Crothers, solo piano and trio with Roger Mancuso, drums and Joe Solomon, bass.
    • This record, released in 1974, was voted critic's choice, top ten records of 1985 in Coda Magazine following its reissue on Inner City; it was voted critic's choice for record of the month in Jazz Magazine (France) when it was reissued by Steeplechase in 1986.
  • LIFE AT THE CORE (New Artists Records NA1016CD)
    • Richard Tabnik Quartet, with R.T., alto saxophone, Andy Fite, guitar, Calvin Hill, bass.
    • *NEW RELEASE:* Cadence Magazine called it "...a gem...With a feathery tone that never quite sounds the way altos are expected to, Tabnik plays delightfully off Fite's spare, stark strums and the irresistible shove of Roger Mancuso and Calvin Hill's rhythms...unequivocally recommended."
    • *NEW RELEASE:* (New Artists NA1017CD) Duo with Connie Crothers, piano, Roger Mancuso, drums. 1994


"...I've been playing drums since the age of 15...I'm now 51...I do the drums because I was drawn to them...They appealed to me. I started to play them and immediately had fun!...and loved them and so that is why I play them...I feel in tune with the instrument...I have always been drawn to drummers that, for their time, were doing something different from the rest of the, you know, there is always like a standard or a mainstream with every instrument...I have always been drawn to people not in the mainstream..."

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