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Want to really get into jazz improvising?

Teaching is very personal and important to me. I have investigated and researched different methods of jazz study for over a quarter of a century. I get great joy out of helping others find their originality and musicality, even as I have done. It meant everything to me to do it. I care about your journey.

I began teaching privately when I was eighteen years old. My first student was a young man who was partially deaf. We worked on hearing and feeling sound and rhythm and this was very exciting for him. I consider it my job to help individuals find themselves musically, as opposed to trying to force people to conform in any way.

I have worked with students as young as 5 years old as well as adults. I have had the opportunity to introduce 10 year olds to Bach and Louis Armstrong, 5 year olds to writing poetry, 7 year olds to multi-tracking, composition, and improvisation, adults to Billie Holiday, and teenagers to Charlie Parker. None of that came from any rules, but instead was the natural outcome of individual taste and need.

I have also taught workshops in Jazz Improvising in Buffalo under the auspices of the federally funded Buffalo Jazz Ensemble; in addition, I was the instructor for the SUNYAB big band and improvisation class from 9/77 to 6/78 as well as a private teacher. Since I have been in N.Y.C., I have concentrated on private teaching and performance. I use the best techniques and concepts that I have learned with all the fine teachers that it has been my privilege to have studied with. My emphasis is on the individual's interests, as well as the ability to relate musically in a group. References are available.

I wish to state that the greatest influence on my teaching, as well as on my music, is the great jazz pianist and teacher, Connie Crothers. I will always be indebted to her...

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