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Ngawang released on medical parole –
now back in USA!!!!!!

by Shebar Windstone


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Nigeria: A Country in
Search of Nationhood
by Shebar Windstone
Opening the Electronic Curtain:
Network of East-West Women
by Sonia Jaffe Robbins
Lavender Links
AIDS to Zines
.at to .za
Male/female, black/white figure
Peter Gold debating with monks in Tibet
Bridging between Two Worlds:
An Interview with Peter Gold
on Navajo and Tibetan
Spiritual Paths
Tseyang-la during Sera Je tour
Buddhist Temples of Lo Monthang:
Interview with Marcia Lieberman
clear.gif - 0.11 K Interview with Ani
Thubten Dekyong

In UNIX, the command "chmod" (change mode) is used to set file access and protection.
Here it signifies changing access to the means of power and pleasure,
protecting our lives, the Web and the world itself.

[Global Internet Liberty Campaign]
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Echelon Watch

Stop Carnivore NOW! Federal wiretapping has gone too far. Free your ISP.

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